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2016 Memberships Now Available

Budget Pass $200 Ride 12 times ($100 savings)
Returning Individual $500 ($550 After 12/31/15)
New Individual $550 ($650 After 12/31/15)
Returning Family* $675 ($775 After 12/31/15)
New Family* $850 ($975 After 12/31/15)
* Family Pass is for immediate families only
RETURNING MEMBER - If you paid for our 2015 membership!
One Day Pass $25.00
mx8track @mx8track @mx8track

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MX8 Track Rules


  • No family member, friend, mechanic, spectator or photographer may enter the track area at any time.
  • Riders AND spectators are required to sign waiver at front gate. No person may enter MX8 without signing waiver
  • No alcohol or any controlled substances
  • No smoking – especially when filling gas tank
  • All dogs are required to be on leashes at all times. Can’t be lose
  • Everyone should practice good sportsmanship, riders and spectators alike
  • Must obey track personnel at all times
  • No mechanics on property (No heavy mechanical work at track. No oil changes, removal of anti-freeze)


  • Riders are required to wear full gear. Full gear includes motocross boots, pants, jersey, gloves, helmet, and goggles. Minors are required to wear chest protectors
  • Helmet straps must be fastened properly
  • Only dirt bikes and race ATVs will be permitted on track. No ATVs, Backyard Bikes, Pit Bikes, or Utility ATVs on the track
  • Bike or ATV will not leak fluids on track and must exit track immediately if pointed out by flagger/official
  • Will abide by instructions received from flaggers and officials while riding. If a flag is displayed, you will respectively abide by rules of displayed flag. If a black flag is pointed at you, safely exit track immediately and see official. If a yellow flag is waving, slow down and do not jump until you pass incident. If a standing yellow flag is exhibited, ride with caution and slow down until you pass incident. If a red flag is exhibited, there has likely been an injury and you must slow down, not jump, and exit track at normal exit (unless directed by official to exit at alternative location). If a white flag with red cross is exhibited, an ambulance or paramedics are on track and you must slow down, not jump, and exit track at normal exit (unless directed by official to exit at alternative location)
  • Riders are to use 1st gear (idle) to and from the track.
  • No riding MX bikes or ATVs outside of the park property
  • All riders must enter and exit track at designated locations


  • Spectators are not allowed to enter track and MUST stay behind designated fence. No exceptions are made for photos
  • Spectators cannot ride as passengers at any time

Rules for Minors - Mandatory Minor Release Form

Riders under 18 years old, are required to have both parents print and sign the attached minor waiver form. If parents are divorced, we will need signatures of all adults who have legal custody of the given child or the minor will not be allowed to ride. Please print the waiver in color and have the waiver signed and stamped by a current legal public notary (most banks and public offices have them). Please bring the completed, signed and stamped minor waiver to MX8. We will keep the waiver on file at the track. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Minor Waiver Form

Minor Permission Form

Emergency Contact Form

Adult 2015 Waiver Form

MX8 Location